Dating someone with tourette syndrome

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An upset in the balance of neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain that carry nerve snals from cell to cell) mht play a role.

The Gay Dating Scene is Challenging Enough. With Tourette.

People with Tourette syndrome usually first notice symptoms while they're kids or teens. The main symptoms of Tourette syndrome are tics — multiple motor tics and at least one vocal tic.

<em>Tourette</em> <em>Syndrome</em>

What's it like to date when you have Tourette's syndrome? This man.

TS affects people of all races and backgrounds, although more guys than girls have the condition. Motor tics can be everything from eye blinking or grimacing to head jerking or foot stomping.

Tourette Syndrome

Some examples of vocal tics are throat clearing, making clicking sounds, repeated sniffing, yelping, or shouting.

Dating someone with tourette syndrome:

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